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Supporting better maths education in schools.

Since 2015 the ARC Centre for Excellence in Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) has funded the MathsCraft program under its Outreach portfolio. This funding has allowed almost 1500 students from around 350 individual schools to participate in MathsCraft sessions, and approximately 500 teachers to attend various professional development workshops, including 88 that have been trained as MathsCraft session leaders.

Support for teachers and students to participate in MathsCraft allows them to experience mathematics in a fun and engaging way, while also enhancing their mathematical knowledge and skills and developing their critical and creative thinking skills. This leads to a greater percentage of girls and boys developing an interest in mathematics and STEM as they advance through their upper primary and secondary school education. Support from our partners allow us to continue nurturing creativity and passion for mathematics in all students, helping Australia’s next generation of STEM professionals fulfil their potential.

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Current Partnerships

MathsCraft enjoys a range of partnerships with various Australian universities and research bodies