Imagine if students had the opportunity to do mathematics like a research mathematician!

MathsCraft takes students on authentic, challenging adventures that provoke curiosity, inspire creativity, and promote logical and critical thinking – all using mathematical knowledge they are already comfortable with.

These adventures nurture the joy of doing mathematics and provide motivation for learning new mathematical skills.
If you come to our professional development workshops you will learn how to make those adventures happen in your classroom.

The MathsCraft Curriculum is a companion to the Australian Curriculum and provides a way to regularly incorporate these experiences into school maths classrooms.

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Teachers that participated in MathsCraft professional development events in 2019


Students that participated in MathsCraft events in 2019


Students that undertook MathsCraft Curriculum Pilot Program in 2019

MathsCraft in the classroom

  • MathsCraft in the classroom

    The MathsCraft Curriculum will help you build a maths classroom where every student is engaged and contributing ideas, building logical arguments, and developing their critical and creative thinking as a result of a MathsCraft adventure.

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Workshops for teachers

  • Workshops for teachers

    We offer a suite of hands-on professional development workshops. Experience the MathsCraft approach firsthand, and learn how research mathematicians think about problems.

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  • Events

    We host a variety of events throughout the school year, bringing together students, teachers and mathematicians to share the experience of a MathsCraft adventure.

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How can MathsCraft benefit your students?

Students will further develop their skills in

The Australian Curriculum’s Mathematics Proficiencies

understanding, problem solving, and reasoning

The Australian Curriculum’s General Capabilities

Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social Capability, Numeracy, and Literacy.

Your students will:

Have independent ideas and explore them.

Share ideas and collaborate mathematically.

Develop an appreciation of logical arguments and how to build them.

Learn to reason in order to become sure of an idea.

Appreciate ‘dead ends’ as a positive step in their adventure.

Develop their critical and creative thinking, resilience and persistence.

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MathsCraft engages your students with doing mathematics in a way that will capture their interest and challenge their thinking.

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