The MathsCraft Curriculum is a companion to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and is designed for all students in Years 5-10.

The Curriculum includes:


A carefully curated set of problems including an assessment problem for the whole class of students to work on in groups of 3.


Either a video or a written document for each problem, demonstrating how the adventure might unfold.

(This is a guide only – the path each class takes will depend on the ideas the students have, and the conversations that result.)


A list of Mathematical Behaviours that help teachers to mentor-by-modelling, and are used for assessment.

For further support we offer a variety of Professional Development Workshops .

MathsCraft Curriculum versions

The MathsCraft Curriculum comes in two versions: Curriculum A and Curriculum B. The key difference between the two curricula is that the problems in Curriculum A provide a narrower scope of adventure, when compared to those in Curriculum B.

Curriculum A

Requires a minimum of 6 hours of class time over two terms of the school year. Each problem should be allocated approximate time of 60 minutes.

Curriculum B

Requires a minimum of 10 hours of class time over two terms of the school year. Each problem should be allocated approximate time of 100 minutes.

Teachers reported increased enjoyment in their teaching by spending some class time doing mathematics.

Group Support

Subscription to the MathsCraft Curriculum will give you access to a community of peers and mathematicians, to provide support, ideas, and advice. Throughout the year you will be able to access and engage in web-based discussion boards, zoom catchups and various networking opportunities.

How is MathsCraft Assessed?

The assessment in the MathsCraft Curriculum is not based on mathematical results, but on mathematical behaviours. At the conclusion of the Curriculum, and following moderation, certificates for each student will be provided.


Teachers assess the work of a group by observing and collecting evidence of how the group behaves mathematically.

The mathematical behaviors will be used to decide on a grade for each group. The grade is a group-grade. Grades assigned by teachers will be moderated.


The main source of evidence for the assigned grade is the group’s written account of their adventure sparked by the Assessment Problem.

The Assessment Problem Sessions

The Assessment Problem can span one or two sessions; in each session students must produce written accounts that are collected by the teacher.

Moderation Requirements

At the conclusion of the MathsCraft Curriculum, teachers must provide details of the student groups including names, year levels, summary of the group’s mathematical behaviours, scanned copy of their written account of the Assessment Problem and any other evidence with the teacher’s recommendation for their final grade.


After moderation, certificates for each student will be provided to the following grades:

Budding MathsCrafters

Generates data and ideas.

Competent MathsCrafters

Also pursues some ideas and critiques them.

Proficient MathsCrafters

Also applies careful analysis, making logical arguments to support ideas, making progress towards being sure beyond all doubt.

Certificates will be issued after moderation and before the end of the following term.

MathsCraft Curriculum overview

For a more detailed overview of the MathsCraft Curriculum download our PDF overview below.

MathsCraft Curriculum overview

Subscribe to MathsCraft Curriculum

The MathsCraft Curriculum is a subscription service available to schools with an annual fee* based on the number of classes using the Curriculum.

The school licence allows all relevant teaching staff from that school access to the MathsCraft Curriculum and community. This is done through the University of Adelaide’s Canvas Catalog system, which contains all relevant Curriculum information, resources, materials and discussion boards.


* Volume and equity discounts are available – contact us to apply.

MathsCraft Curriculum
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